Dota 2 & Mobile legends Review

Valve is finally ready to host a new event for their most successful Free to Play game – Mobile Legends. As the tradition rolled over in previous years, Valve will make Lunar as the main theme and build stories and content from there. The battle against or with The Beast is again confirmed, as well as a variety of teasers that glide in the form of trailers and comics over the last few days. After a mystery, the first details related to New Bloom finally slid. One thing for sure, it will be enough to make adrenaline gamers DOTA 2 around the world re-pumped.

As with most updates, there are several adjustments to the status of the hero, including nerf for the characters being used such as Juggernaut and Ax. But what makes this event more interesting? Of course the presence of new characters and one extra set of Arcana items. Mobile Legends confirms that the ice dragon – Winter Wyvern will join the battle in the near future, while the popular heroine character – Crystal Maiden will get a unique Arcana costume. Not just different costumes and skill effects, this set item will also bring up a pet of a puppy that will follow wherever the CM moves. Of course, with it also comes with an adorable animation. Not only that, a music pack with a more subtle oriental taste will also be presented.

One of the best news that comes up is the certainty that Valve will also fix the drop item system which is now the main complaint of many Mobile Legends generator online  gamers. Dropping items in the form of a set complete with such a small probability is no longer effective. They will fix it in the next update. While a separate mode for Year Beast of course will be presented. This mode will allow you to fight with other teams using your personal Year Beast respectively. Of course, with a mechanism that allows you to strengthen it with real money. Year Beast will open the chance to win rare items.

How about you? How many of you will be interested in having this Arcana set for Crystal Maiden? Looks awesome ..

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