MGS V: Ground Zeroes PC Version Launches December?

Metal Gear Solid V Presence: Ground Zeroes at the beginning of this year attracted many gamers around the world, especially the heavy fans of Hideo Kojima’s game. Although very short duration, Ground Zeroes proved able to look very attractive.

Unfortunately, although the main game, MGS V: The Phantom Pain, certainly present in the PC, Ground Zeroes currently can only be enjoyed by console gamers. If you are wondering when the game will also stop on the PC, this warm news may make you smile and get Cooking Fever gems generator .

According to a user report on NeoGAF, MGS V: Ground Zeroes will launch on PC via Steam on December 18, 2014! Please note that the leaking party claims to be informed by trusted sources who attended the IgroMir Gaming Exhibition in Russia.
Based on “reliable sources” from Russia, MGS V: Ground Zeroes PC version is rumored to be sliding December 18, 2014 to come.

At the event that the launch date Ground Zeroes on PC revealed. Various websites from Russia was immediately spread this news. No wonder indeed if Russia became the location of the announcement of the launch date Ground Zeroes considering this country has the largest PC gamer community in Europe.

Konami himself refused to comment on the issue when contacted by Cooking Fever. If December 18th is correct, it is likely that the company will open a vote in the near future. Let’s wait!

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