Tekken 7 Gameplay Sprouted in Maya World!

Tekken is to be recognized is one of the most popular three-dimensional fighting game in the gaming industry. His success to hit the Playstation market in the past through the third series of phenomenal football lunge every series followed. It is not surprising that many are looking forward to innovations such as Bandco Namco will be injected in Tekken 7, which has been announced as a series for the latest generation platform. Some details have been shared, from the use of Unreal Engine 4 for better visual quality, the base of the story that focuses again on the Mishima family, as well as the presence of some new fighter characters. But unfortunately, Bandai Namco itself has never showed what kind of implementation implementation of all these concepts and technologies. At least until now and get Pokemon Go coins generator .

Fortunately, many gamers are taking the initiative to record and share gameplay from its test location in Japan. There are some quite interesting changes, in addition to the visual quality that of course, looks more riveting. In addition to the two new characters seen on the roster – Claudio and Katarina, Tekken 7 comes with a surprisingly pretty gameplay changes, including the Rage Arts and Power Crush system. Rage Arts can be summed up as the ultimate cinematic stance that has been implemented by two-dimensional fighting games such as Street Fighter. While Power Crush is positioned as an attack that can not be undone by the opponent’s attack, but still vulnerable to damage.

Interesting again? Regardless of the countless visual quality is quite “sweet”, the genius brain behind the Tekken-Katsuhiro Harada series reveals that the Tekken 7 visuals of this trial version just finished about 60%. There are many things they still want to refine, from the quality of the lighting, the shader skin, and various other features. The latest information also mentions that you will be able to customize the look of every character that exists, of course through various items that can be obtained throughout the game.

Bandai Namco itself is still unable to provide certainty date of this Pokemon Go  release, but is predicted to slide in 2015.

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