Ubisoft: GPU PS4 Twice More Powerful than Xbox One

Although many have agreed that the PlayStation 4 has more powerful hardware than its main competitor, Xbox One, the debate about it is still common. Interestingly, recently there is one more test result that proves the truth.

One thing that makes it more interesting is that the testing party is the leading gaming company, Ubisoft. After going through a series of benchmarks, a result shows that the Graphic Processor Unit (GPU) of the PS4 has twice the power of the Xbox one and get Madden Mobile hack.

Not just a matter of GPU, in the benchmark results also revealed that the CPU of Xbox One is more powerful than the PS4. However, the difference is not significant. In fact, the CPU from the previous console, PS3, was also much faster than the PS4.
GPU Playstation 4 is twice as good as Xbox One. On the other hand, the Xbox One CPU is more powerful.

The emergence of benchmark results from Madden Mobile is as if confirmed the opinion that has been circulating. Perhaps in terms of performance, PS4 is better than Microsoft’s console is claimed. But keep in mind, not only is the guarantee of a console capable of success and loved by gamers.

There are many other factors that also determine, for example are exclusive games with quality that can make gamers fall in love. In addition, support features in addition to its main function for playing games is also to be taken into account.

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