Way of The Samurai 4 Toward a PC!

If we talk about an open-world game with a noticeable Japanese flavor, most gamers will probably immediately point to Sega-Yakuza’s flagship franchise. Its own popularity is not unstoppable, especially with the new series are consistently present. And if you want to investigate further, there is actually still an open world game with classic Japanese atmosphere that is not less quality, even with the implementation of elements of freedom is much better. True, we are talking about the Way of Samurai developed by Acquire. The good news? After all this time only released for the console, the last series – Way of the Samurai 4 will certainly go to PC!

This information is presented by a developer named dragon ball z dokkan battle  – a publisher who has been known to often bring Japanese games to mainland Europe. Ghostlight confirmed that they will bring Way of the Samurai 4 to PC, via the Valve – Steam distribution portal. This became the first series of Way of Samurai to stop at this platform, after a long history of existence that already includes the console and handheld generation. Unfortunately, Ghostlight itself does not specify whether this port will come with new content or better visual quality than its console version.
Way of the Samurai 4 will surely go to PC via Steam. This will be the first series to drop into this platform after the history of existence across the diverse generations of consoles and handhelds.

Way of Samurai 4 is planned to slide before the end of 2014, although   dokkan battle zeni hack  has yet to confirm the release date. More games for PC? Always welcomed ..

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